When it comes to the care of your car, it’s normal to want to make decisions that will benefit its appearance. If you’re going to be spending money on its detailing and protection, it only makes sense that you want to go with the option that will best serve your vehicle.

When it comes to maintaining the body of your car, there are several options to select from. However, the two most popular choices are paint protection film and ceramic coating. But which one should you go with? Let’s take a look at what each one offers.


Understanding Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating


Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is an invisible coat of polyurethane material that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle. 3M paint protection film, for example, is a popular choice when it comes to protecting your car. The goal of PPF is to preserve the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of damage from such things as rocks and debris from the road, swirl marks that are a result of washing, and hard water spots from mineral deposits.


Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating, meanwhile, is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with your vehicle’s paint, thus offering it a layer of protection and a hydrophobic surface. These hydrophobic properties will make it more difficult for debris to stick to your car, allowing it to stay cleaner for longer. It also helps make your car easier to wash when the time comes.



The similarities between these two options are fairly extensive, considering how different their compositions are. They both invisibly work to protect your car, particularly from oxidation from UV exposure and chemical stains and etch marks caused by acidic contaminants. This allows your car to look like a brand new car for much longer. 


Paint protection film is thicker than ceramic coatings. This allows it to essentially heal itself after being inflicted with a scratch or rock chip, therefore prolonging the physical structure of your car. In terms of choosing which option will provide long-term preservation, PPF is the way to go.

Ceramic coatings, however, are great for enhancing the day-to-day appearance. While it may not protect your car from dings and scrapes as well, it will keep it looking shiny and clean while also protecting the colour of the paint.

Ultimately, there is no wrong decision. How you hope to preserve your car and what you want out of a protective layer is completely up to you!

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Caring for your vehicle is important. From car washes to check-ins at the shop, taking the time to ensure your car is performing at its best can help prolong its life.

If you’re hoping to add a little extra TLC into the mix, then perhaps car detailing is for you! Not only will this make your vehicle sleek and shiny, but car detailing also helps the body of your car stay in peak condition.

Here are a few of the best professional car detailing products that can make your car look like a million bucks.

5 Professional Car Detailing Products

Car Wash Soap

Let’s start with the basics: car wash soap. The importance of this product is fairly standard, as it removes dirt and grime from your car. Soaps for cars are designed with the pH balance in mind, ensuring they won’t damage any materials on your car.

If you intend to detail your car weekly, choose one gentle on wax coatings and sealants.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and try different car wash soaps. While they all serve the same purpose, some are better at avoiding soapy residue or at coming off your vehicle.

Paint Scratch Remover

Nothing’s worse than when you come back from the grocery store, only to discover someone has dinged up the side of your car. Fortunately, if the scratch is small enough, paint scratch remover can come to the rescue.

Paint scratch remover can remove scratches and blemishes from your car’s surface, provided they aren’t too deep.

Clay Bar

Use a clay bar once and your car will be looking like new. Clay bars are designed to remove contaminants from the body of your car.

Medium and heavy clay bars are professional-grade, but it’s recommended that you start with a lighter bar if you’re new to using them.

Car Wax

Once your car is meticulously clean, it’s time to add the car wax. This clear coat will seal all previous steps in, while creating that shiny polish.

Car wax can come in several different forms, from a spray to traditional wax. If you’re using the traditional form, ensure you have a buffing pad to help work the wax around the surface of your car.

Tire Shine

The final step of car detailing: shining those tires. What’s the point of doing all that hard work to get your car sparkling if your tires look like they’ve just driven through mud?

Just like the car wash soap, don’t be afraid to test different brands. Some are easier to apply and last longer than others, and some even protect your tires against UV damage.

If you’re taking the time to detail your car, you might as well have what the professionals use! However, if you want a guaranteed top-notch outcome, consider taking it to a professional detailing service!

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Ceramic car coating is one of the most popular options for owners wanting to protect their vehicles. Not only does it protect your vehicle from any external forces, prevent scratches and marks, but it also improves its appearance and colour. 

In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at ceramic coating for cars and why it is such an in-demand option. 

What is Ceramic Car Coating in Calgary? 

Ceramic car coating – also known as Nano-Ceramic Coating – is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicles’ paint, creating a strong barrier of protection. 

The coating is applied to your vehicle in multiple stages, before hardening into a glass-like substance on the surface. This super hard coat protects your vehicle from all exterior factors. 

It is considered an alternative option to 3M paint protection film, which offers similar levels of protection. 

(Read more about the benefits of ceramic tint right here!) 

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Car Coating? 

There are many advantages that come with investing in ceramic car coating. The most notable benefits include the following: 

  • Protects your vehicle’s exterior from deterioration, preventing dirt, dust, bugs, salt, and tar from sticking to your car’s paint. This is due to the hydrophobic effect of the coating, which allows dirt and water to roll off the surface. 
  • The coating reduces your need for extensive cleaning in the future. Maintaining your vehicle paint is easier than ever. You’ll save time and money on washing and waxing.
  • It educes costly repairs or damages due to the deep level of protection. You’ll save money as it is resistant to scratches, UV rays and temperatures.  
  • Protection from UV damage and oxidation, so your vehicle’s colour never fades. The coating retains the colour of our vehicle, never losing its original look or fading. It also enhances the gloss and shine of your vehicle’s colour. 
  • Creates a chemically resistant surface that rejects and is resistant to naturally acidic contaminants, such as salt and grime. 
  • Peace of mind for every weather condition, as it will retain its quality in all types of weather, including snow and hailstorms. 
  • It can be applied to all types of vehicles, including cars and trucks. 
  • Increases the value of your vehicle thanks to all the above-mentioned benefits. If you ever sell it (why would you?) you can fetch a fair price thanks to the coating. 

Invest in Ceramic Coating Today! 

When you considered the advantages of ceramic coating and how it can improve the quality and value of your vehicle, you can see why it’s a valuable option. 

When it comes to getting it applied to your vehicle, make sure you find reputable service providers that have experience in the job and offer warranties for their work – like the experts here at Calgary PPF

Contact us for more information about ceramic coating in Calgary, or read our page here! 

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Despite the overwhelming demand for it, according to the City of Calgary, there are restrictions in terms of the vehicle modifications that you can apply to your vehicle. 

Some of them are commonly known: including headlamps, taillamps, mufflers, licence plates and even colours. But the big one that stands out from all rest is window tint films. We take a look at some of the legalities behind window tinting in Calgary

The Rules for Window Tinting in Calgary

What are the Restrictions for Window Tinting? 

  • A vehicle owner is not allowed to replace or install the window glazing in the windshield, or the side windows with a transparent, translucent or opaque material. 
  • You are not allowed to tint the headlights or taillights. They must remain in the original colour as created, which in many cases, is white. 

Why the Restrictions on Window Tinting? 

  • If an accident where to occur, window tint film doesn’t break into small pieces, like regular glass would. Therefore it can possibly cause more severe damage to the driver and passengers. 
  • The vision depth of the driver can be reduced significantly, particularly during the night. This can result in an increase in accidents. 
  • Police officers are unable to determine who is driving and how many occupants may be in the vehicle. The same applies to civilians should they be involved in a car accident or incident (such as road rage). 
  • It is more difficult for other drivers and pedestrians to determine your intentions when they can’t see your face. 
Window Tinting in Calgary

What Happens If You Break the Law? 

If you have breached any of the vehicle modification laws, you can face the following penalties:

  • Given 60 days to repair the problem and be instructed to attend a district office to show that the repair has been completed. You might be directed to a repair facility of your choice to have the repairs done.
  • You will not be allowed to drive the vehicle unless the repairs are completed, or your licence plates will be taken from the vehicle, until the repairs are completed. 

So Why is Window Tinting Available?

It’s the question that all drivers want to know: why are window tinting products allowed, but they’re against the law? 

According to the City of Calgary, “it is up to the consumer to be aware of what modifications they want to do and educate themselves with the laws and also to speak to law enforcement for advice if they are unsure of what is acceptable.”

Window tint and paint protection film shops are allowed to sell these products without risk or liability. Speaking to experts, such as Calgary PPF, can help you gauge the limitations you can apply for your vehicle. 

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One of the most popular paint protection films available, ceramic tint offers a wealth of benefits to car owners. So what makes it so special? What are the benefits that we speak of? Should you invest in them? 

We break down the important details that come with ceramic tinted windows. 

Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Tint 

What is it? 

Ceramic tint is considered the highest quality window tint, and therefore, one of the most expensive available. Part of its success is due to its materials. 

While most regular paint protection films are made with thin laminate, or polyester sheets, and are dyed to specific gradations, ceramic tint sheets are coated with ceramic particles as the result of emerging, nano-ceramic technology. It is nonconductive and nonmetallic, making it a high-end compared to other options. 

What are the benefits of ceramic tint? 

Excellent Protection From UV Rays 

Thanks to the fine sheets of nano-ceramic particles, these window tints can protect you from 99% of UV rays, reducing heat and potential heat-related damages. This makes it safer to drive with no sunlight glaring impacting drivers. With varying shades, you can find the right balance for your personal needs and driving styles. 

Super Heat Resistant 

Following on from the UV rays, ceramic window tints to block heat coming into the vehicle, making it a more comfortable drive. It usually cuts from 45% to 50% of the solar heat, saving you money and energy on your car’s AC. 

Doesn’t Interfere With Gadgets 

Because there is no metal involved, ceramic window films do not interfere with cellular or gadget wi-fi or cell tower reception. Therefore, it allows maximum efficiency in the functioning of radios, cell phones, GPS systems, and all other such devices being operated from inside the protected space. That means – when you’re pulled over or using bluetooth – you won’t have any issues while driving.

Applying tinting foil on car window in garage

Durable, Tough & Long-Lasting 

Just like 3M paint protection film, ceramic tinting provides plenty of value in the long-term. The quality materials, resistance to glare and fading, and highly shatter-proof design means that you’re protected for years without any issues occurring. 

Ceramic Tints Keep Your Car Private

No one could easily see what’s inside the car when you have ceramic windows due to the various shades that you can choose from. And if you’re wondering, the dark tint shade outside does not affect your vision, which makes it still safe to drive at night.

Invest In Ceramic Tinting Today 

Ceramic window tints might be the most expensive option available, but considering the benefits, it is a worthwhile investment. All this expense will be worth it once you see all the good it does to your vehicle. 

Schedule your next appointment in and enjoy the benefits of ceramic tinting in Calgary. 

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Rustproofing your car is crucial to protect its lifespan and quality. From the underbelly of your vehicle to your 3M paint protection, you have to take the initiative and ensure that your vehicle is protected against the damaging effects of rust. 

The question that arises is how often should you rustproof your vehicle? 

Before we get to that, let’s consider how rust forms and the types of protection you can get for your vehicle. 

Why Do Cars Rust? 

We touched on this in a previous blog post (“What Is Undercoating & Rust Proofing?”), but we’ll go through a quick overview one more time. 

In layman’s terms, rust occurs on vehicles when oxygen and iron come in contact and begin an oxidation process. This ultimately results in rust developing. 

Exposure to water, snow and humidity can speed this process up, which is why rust tends to occur to vehicles with damaged parts during the winter. 

How To Protect Your Vehicle Against Rust 

There are a few ways in which you can protect your vehicle against rust developing. Consider the following tips below: 

Invest in Rust Proofing Coating 

  • Rust proofing coating helps protect your vehicle panels and wheel wells from rusting. It should be your first line of defence. Select from multiple options, including 3M Rustproofing

Get Panel Repairs ASAP

  • If there are damages, dents or scratches to your vehicle, then get them repaired as soon as possible. The longer you leave the dent, the more the rust can develop, causing more extensive and expensive repairs down the line. 
Rust on the body of the car. A view of the saeredi. Red. Fragment of the wheel.

Wash & Clean It 

  • It’s best to wash and wax your car every two weeks to prevent rust from developing. The more often you wash your vehicle, the less likely it will develop the wetness that can create rust. This is especially important during the winter months. 

Invest in Undercoating 

  • Undercoating is the process of covering the bottom of your vehicle, preventing rust developing in the process. You can choose from numerous options and brands, including 3M Undercoating

When Should I Rust Proof My Car? 

Now that you know why rust occurs and how you stop it, you now can know that you should implement rust proofing in your vehicle once a year. 

Ideally, it’s best to do this at the start of the winter months, so you can safeguard it against the most turbulent time of the year. At the same time, you should double-check it again at the end of the season. That way, you can see if your vehicle had any exposure to rust during the winter. 

If you have not started rust proofing your car, then now is the time to do it. The longer you leave it, the higher the damages and dangers you can experience.  

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Though there are now over one hundred PPF film types being sold around the world today, most are abysmal variants coming out of China or the developing world. For the purposes of this article, we will focus only on the leading brands being sold and installed regularly throughout Canada and the United States. This article will focus only on TPU (thermoplastic urethane) based films. There are cheaper PVC based films, but these tend to be the lowest quality in the market.

3M Pro Series PPF Installation
3M Pro Series PPF Installation in Calgary

First, a short history on the product itself. As many in the industry know, paint protection films were originally a military/aerospace creation by the 3M company for American military purposes as early as the Vietnam War. At some point even as early as the 1990’s, people began experimenting with these films on other surfaces such as vehicle hoods and bumpers to protect them from stone chipping and road debris. This burgeoning industry really started in the early 2000’s when new car dealerships started to up-sell this product to their customers. As more dealerships standardized this product, the 3M Company then developed a partnership with a third party software company to create pattern templates for vehicles to reduce install time and labour costs.

For years there was only one manufacturer of PPF, 3M. Of course as the popularity of the product grew, this could only last so long. The very software company that had partnered with 3M, then went to market with their own competing product under the new brand name, Xpel. Immediately terminating the partnership, 3M and Xpel became vicious competitors. This competition drove innovation in the marketplace, and the advent of the self-healing top coat became the new normal. These new films not only could recover from scuffs and scratches just by heating up, the top coats also fixed the yellowing, discolouration issues of the earliest products. This competition culminated in a drawn out lawsuit with 3M accusing Xpel of stealing their patented adhesive molecule. This eventually culminated in a settlement in 2017.

Let’s fast forward to present day, as much has now changed in the industry. The proliferation of competing brands exploded worldwide as demand for these products increased exponentially around the world. Here is a short list of manufacturers currently popular around North America:

  1. 3M
  2. Xpel
  3. Eastman Co
  4. Avery Dennison
  5. Matrix Films
  6. STEK

To make this even more complicated, all these manufacturers make multiple product types. As price competition has driven the market’s lust for cheaper films, it is typical to see both a 10 year warranty, self-healing, colour-stable PPF, as well as a 5 year warranty film with no top coat. Films without top coats have the upsides of being much cheaper, but also the downsides of yellowing over time, and acquiring swirl marks and scratches, leading to these films looking worn and beat up. after only a few years.

Here is a breakdown of these options, separated by brand and subtype:

  1. 3M Pro Series Gen 5.0 (Self-healing, colour-stable PPF)
  2. 3M Original 946 Series (No top coat)
  3. Xpel Ultimate Plus (Self-healing, colour-stable PPF)
  4. Xpel 9300 (No top coat)
  5. (Eastman) Suntek Ultra/Llumar Platinum (Self-healing, colour-stable PPF)
  6. (Eastman) Suntek PPF-C/Llumar PPF (No top coat)
  7. (Matrix Films) Premium Shield Elite Self-Healing (Self-healing, colour-stable PPF)
  8. (Matrix Films) Premium Shield Elite (No top coat)
  9. (Avery Dennison) Supreme Defense (Self-healing, colour-stable PPF)
  10. (Avery Dennison) Supreme XI (No top coat)
  11. (STEK) Dynoshield (Self-healing, colour-stable PPF)
  12. (STEK) Dyno Lite (No top coat)

Is your brain hurting yet? So which option is the best for you? For long term vehicle ownership, obviously the 10 year, self-healing options are going to look the best for longest, but which brand is the best? This is of course, a question that cannot be answered outside of your own experience as every dealership and shop trying to sell you these products will invariably tout their brand as the best. In terms of sales, 3M and Xpel still dominate the market, but the world is changing fast, and with new brands constantly emerging in the market, new technologies are quick to follow. Always make sure you do your due diligence and know exactly what you are buying. Brand, sub-type, warranty information, and obviously the local reputation of the installer. Google reviews are always a good indicator

Take a peek at local Calgary prices here.

When you have a beautiful vehicle, protecting it becomes a serious priority. More than that, it almost becomes a duty. A duty to your prestige and style, of course, but also a duty to the manufacturer of the automobile. Protecting their hard work and ensuring your vehicle looks like it just came off the lot is rewarding and enjoyable.

Plus, there are lots of ways to protect your car. Specialty cleaning products, seat covers, after-market modifications for durability and much more are available to make the most out of your vehicle. Among these excellent offerings is an established and fantastic protection product, namely, paint protection film

Why are we talking about paint protection film and protecting your vehicle? Because we are currently in the midst of the most dangerous season for vehicles; the winter months. During these months, salt, rocks and other road debris become numerous and can cause significant damage to your vehicle just driving around.

Specialist pasting car with vinyl film

Though, it isn’t only the flying debris that poses a threat. No, there is also the road itself. When roads get icy, they get slippery. This can increase the likelihood of your vehicle skidding or sliding, which may lead to disastrous consequences and body damage. With all of these hazards potentially affecting your vehicle, it begins to make sense why so many car protection products exist. 

Isn’t Paint Protection Film Just for the Hood of Vehicles?

This is a common misconception with the paint protection film. Sure, it acts as a durable and steadfast defence on the hoods of vehicles, but there are many other places on the exterior of your vehicle where it may provide protection—for example, the accents and edges of your doors. With the right application of paint protection film in these locations, those stubborn chips and localized rust spots can become a thing of the past. 

In fact, you can cover the entire front portion of your vehicle in a protective film. If you have a custom paint job or just care about your vehicle, this can be the best option available. For a full list of your options, contact us today!

There can be shortcuts when it comes to protecting your vehicle and ensuring you have the right defence for all scenarios. This is especially true in the winter months when potential hazards skyrocket and your vehicle is most at risk of developing exterior damage. 

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With so many paint protection films on the market today, it can be confusing to know what’s going on. 3M, Xpel, Suntek STEK, etc. What makes them different? If at all? The answers may surprise you. Here is a deeper look at the paint protection films available.

2 sub-types of PPF from each manufacturer

10 Year Warranty, Self-healing, Colour-Stable PPF

These are the high end paint protection films. Each major film brand has a variant of this technology. All built around the same theory. The following 4 sub-types are the leading brands in the western world as of 2020.

  • 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film Gen 5.0
  • Xpel Ultimate Plus
  • STEK Dynoshield
  • Suntek Ultra

5 Year Warranty PPF films with no top coat

These films are substantially cheaper, but have a few drawbacks. With no self-healing top coat, they quickly accumulate swirl marking, scratches and general wear and tear, leading to a dulling of the film over time, and a generally beat up appearance. Because these films have no top coats, they are all prone to discolouring and yellowing over time. These films are indicated only for short term vehicle ownership under 5 years. Also, as these films look quite good after a fresh installation, they are routinely used to bait and switch unsuspecting customers, so do your due diligence and know what you are buying. Here are the leading 5 year warranty films in the western world as of 2020:

  • 3M 946 Series
  • Xpel 9300 Series
  • Suntek PPF-C
  • STEK Lite
  • Avery
  • Premium Shield
10 Year Warranty, Self-healing, Colour-Stable PPF


So which brand is the best after all?

All 4 leading manufacturers, 3M, Xpel, Suntek, STEK are making good quality products, and generally offer the same two sub-types. We believe the 10 year warranty products such as 3M Pro Series Gen 5.0, or Xpel Ultimate+ to be the better options over the 5 year materials, unless you only intend to keep your vehicle a maximum 5 years. The 10 year warranty products are the thickest paint protection films available fin the world, and they provide an unmatched level of durability and protection for even the most rigorous jobs and applications. Take advantage of the edge seal technology employed by Calgary PPF to get lasting protection that just won’t quit.

Get Started with Self-Healing 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film Today!

The paint protection film of your dreams awaits. Contact Calgary PPF today to gain the benefits of 3M’s great products. 

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It is easy to love our vehicles. They provide us with transportation, storage space and, ultimately, access to a better quality of life. It makes sense to spoil them as a result. Spoiling your vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean literally adding a spoiler to the back, but it certainly can refer to this action.

Instead, when we talk about spoiling our vehicles, we are referencing all of the add-ons, cleaning and maintenance we perform to ensure its optimal condition and performance. A good example of this is 3M paint protection film, which keeps the exterior of your vehicle looking new while also providing a critical layer of protection. Detailing is another method of spoiling our transportation solutions. 

Below, we have a list of some of the best products for detailing your vehicle. Although it doesn’t include all of your favourite brands and products, this list does include the items you need to get into every fibre of your vehicle and give it the cleansing it truly deserves.

Detailing Items for Your Vehicle

Microfibre Wash Mitts

In the past, mitts like these were used to paint surfaces. However, microfibre versions are a relatively recent invention, though they are no less fantastic for their newness. With these, you can clean every part of your vehicle without struggling to keep your cloth or wash rag clean. Plus, they are machine-washable, making their clean up easy and straightforward.

Safe driving

Clay Bars

Although the quality of clay bars can vary, when you find a brand or product you really enjoy, nothing is like it. For keeping the exteriors of your vehicle in mint condition, sparkling and beautiful, use clay bars. They will not disappoint, and they are ideal for 3M paint protection film cleaning also!

Elbow Grease

Our final item is you! Your vehicle deserves a pampering that reflects its valuable service. Only you can provide this level of dedication and cleanliness, and the appreciation that your hard-earned efforts will glean is also your own. A reciprocal cycle like this is often hard to come by!

Yout Best Car Detailing Solution

Of course, doing the work of your car detailing can be a fun and rewarding experience in its own right. However, sometimes we simply do not have the time to get into all of the nooks and crevices of our vehicles. During these situations, consider taking it to a professional detailing service instead. This can save you time and money when done correctly. 

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