Windshield Protection Film Calgary

No longer recommended by Calgary PPF

Windshield Protection Film

Calgary PPF is no longer recommending the use of Windshield Protection Films as a viable method of protecting windshields for Calgary consumers.

Reason 1

You will still get rock chips even if overall volume is diminished.

Reason 2

The film prevents glass shops from being able to fix these before they spider.

Reason 3

The process of removing the film to fix these chips often forces the chip to spider out, ruining the windshield.

Reason 4

These films constantly de-laminate and become scuffed and scratched within less than a year of driving, obstructing vision and marring the appearance of the vehicle.

These issues can create extremely dangerous driving conditions due to markedly poor visibility. This issue also presents extreme liability issues for the driver in the event of an accident.

Reason 5

These films are prohibitively expensive both for the end consumer and installation shops.

Reason 6

It is impossible to install these films to a high degree of aesthetic perfection. Burn marks and creases are common.

Reason 7

These films are not legal within the province of Alberta.

These reasons apply to all current windshield protection film brands on the market today. All other coating or protection products are placebo products with zero provable efficacy.

The only viable protection for windshields currently on the market is windshield insurance. Get your chips fixed ASAP, before they spider.

Our crew members have installed windshield protection films here in Calgary for the better part of the last 4 years. All existing brands on the market have shown abysmal build quality with very poor durability. Most shops in town have discontinued these products for the same reason. Buyer’s remorse is exceedingly high with these products. Customers often end up upside down financially with these products due to expensive broken windshields. Windshield protection films can become extremely dangerous to drive with as the common delamination issue heavily diminishes visibility.