Llumar & 3M Paint Protection Film

Discover the Difference of LLumar

As automotive enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the pride and joy you feel when you invest in your vehicle. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to LLumar Paint Protection Film (PPF), a cutting-edge solution that transcends the ordinary. LLumar PPF is not your regular paint protection film; it’s a superior shield that safeguards your vehicle’s paint finish from the elements and road hazards, preserving its showroom shine and resale value. Compared to other products like 3M, LLumar PPF boasts unparalleled clarity, self-healing capabilities, and long-lasting durability. It’s more than just a layer of protection; it’s peace of mind for any vehicle owner.

Platinum Gloss Protection Film

LLumar Platinum PPF offers top-notch protection against threats like flying rocks, road salt, and more, preserving your vehicle's finish. Its high-shine topcoat seamlessly integrates with factory-fresh auto paint, whether applied partially or as a full wrap, ensuring nearly invisible coverage.

Valor Paint Protection Film

LLumar Valor paint protection film delivers the best of both worlds, combining self-healing protection akin to premium PPF with a stunning ceramic-style finish. Its ultra-glossy surface boasts exceptional hydrophobicity, effectively repelling dirt and water, ensuring your vehicle practically cleans itself.

LLumar Window Tint

Elevate your expectations with FormulaOne high-performance auto tint from LLumar! This exclusive automotive tint sets the standard for appearance, comfort, and protection, manufactured with meticulous precision and rigorous testing to enhance your driving experience.


FormulaOne window tinting features advanced construction, utilizing premium manufacturing techniques, top-tier materials, and cutting-edge engineering for results that stand the test of time. Additionally, with colour-stable dye and reliable UV ray protection, it is the ultimate shield for your vehicle’s interior and passengers.

Discover the Difference of Unparalleled Protection


FormulaOne Classic window tint offers both style and privacy with a wide shade selection. It provides optical clarity, scratch resistance, and blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays, thanks to its deep-dye construction that ensures lasting quality.


FormulaOne Pinnacle enhances your vehicle’s aesthetics while offering practical benefits. With excellent heat rejection and various charcoal shades, it provides relief from hot days, UV ray protection, and glare reduction. Its metal-free composition ensures no mirror-like appearance and no interference with your connected devices.


Stratos blocks over 99% of UV rays, reduces glare, enhances privacy, and offers durable scratch resistance. Its unique construction includes heat-absorbing nano-ceramic particles, ensuring maximum comfort by effectively dispersing infrared heat.

The Benefits of Paint Protection Film

High- Performance Protection
Invisible Finish
Scratch Resistant
UV Protection
Hydrophobic Properties
10-Year Warranty
Llumar paint protection film Calgary

LLUMAR | 3M Paint Protection


Why Choose Calgary PPF?

Calgary PPF is your go-to destination for outstanding service and convenience. Our commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect of our work. We offer swift service, with most jobs completed the same day, and for larger installations, your vehicle stays safe in our secure facilities. As proud users of premium-quality products, including 3M and LLumar Paint Protection Film, we ensure your vehicle receives top-notch protection. Our skilled technicians excel in providing meticulous installations, ensuring both unparalleled protection and visual enhancement for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

LLumar PPF is a high-quality, transparent film that protects your vehicle’s paint finish. It works by absorbing and dispersing the impact of road debris, preventing chips and scratches, while its self-healing properties can minimize the appearance of minor scuffs.

LLumar PPF offers several benefits, including protection against rock chips, road debris, and scratches, preservation of your vehicle’s finish, UV resistance to prevent paint fading, and enhanced resale value.

LLumar Window Tint is a specialized film applied to the interior of vehicle windows. It works by blocking or reflecting a portion of the sun’s rays, including UV rays and infrared heat, to enhance comfort and protect the vehicle’s interior.

Experience a world of practical advantages with LLumar window tints at Calgary PPF. These benefits are rooted in performance and include:

  1. Heat Reduction
  2. UV Protection
  3. Privacy and Style
  4. Glare Reduction
  5. Enhanced Comfort

For detailed information or assistance in selecting the right LLumar tint for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts here at Calgary PPF today!

Both LLumar and 3M are renowned brands within the industry, known for their exceptional quality and advanced technology. However, LLumar is often praised for its wide range of shades, durability, and longevity, making it a more popular choice among many consumers.

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