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We pride ourselves on using the highest quality products. Get proactive and protect your investment by installing LLumar or 3M paint protection in Calgary.

0% Financing

Get 0% Financing on all packages. We provide genuine 3M and LLumar Products with better financing than the dealership.

Self-Healing Film

Scratches, scuffs, dings and other light blemishes easily erase themselves. Keep your car smooth and shiny the easy way.

Canada Certified

Certified and endorsed by 3M Canada to install only genuine paint protection film in Calgary.

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Preserve Your Car’s Natural Finish With Paint Protection Film

From rural roads that wind through the countryside to parking lots and bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway, your car carries you through life like a champ. If you want to protect your car from the scuffs, abrasions, dents and chips that can happen at any time, it’s time to stop in for the most durable and efficient paint protection film available. You can expect prompt and friendly service with our experts for PPF in Calgary.

Llumar paint protection film Calgary

LLUMAR | 3M Paint Protection


Protection From:

Acid Rain
Mineral Deposits
Bug Splatters
Bird Droppings
Fading from UV Rays
Swirl Marks from Washing

Protect Your Ride & Drive With Confidence.

Llumar paint protection film
The best in Calgary

Invisible Paint Protection Film For Chips & Scuffs

Our services range from your basic clear bra to packages that protect the most vulnerable parts of your car, including the hood and bumpers. We have served as a trustworthy provider of 3M Calgary paint protection film for more than 15 years, and we understand the frustration that comes with rock chips, scuffs, and other car paint blemishes. We’ve recently shifted to LLumar products and we’re excited to show you the difference! You can’t prevent acts of nature or the irresponsibility of other drivers, but you can protect your vehicle with a visit to Calgary PPF.

Offering the Best
LLumar | 3M Film in Calgary

We only use paint protection and of the highest quality. Our premium LLumar products have replaced our 3M film in Calgary. Our experienced technicians never cut corners when applying the film to your vehicle. Often referred to as a clear bra, paint protection, or ubiquitously just 3M car protection in Calgary, has gone through many changes over the years. Now, the newest research and development from LLumar is here. We have 2 locations to choose from in Calgary, at Deerfoot City or Chinook, both centrally located for convenience. 

As brands such as 3M PPF, Xpel, Suntek, STEK, Avery, and other international brands emerged on the market, fierce competition drove innovation in the Paint Protection Film sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPF (Paint Protection Film) coating is a transparent film applied to a vehicle’s painted exterior surface. PPF is highly durable and helps protect your vehicle from chips, scratches, corrosion, and more. PPF is made from a thermoplastic urethane material. It is often applied to specific parts of the vehicle exterior that suffer the most damages:


  • Hood
  • Fenders
  • Mirrors
  • Bumpers

The cost of PPF can range significantly and varies based on the area of application and the brand of PPF. At Calgary PPF, we’ve recently switched to using LLumar products which provide a cost-effective and long-lasting solution. Our basic packages start at $499 and go up to $2,399 for full front coverage. 

Choosing between PPF and ceramic coating depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both options offer superior protection and durability. 



  • Self-healing properties
  • Applied to specific sections of the vehicle
  • Maintains vehicle aesthetic
  • Last up to 10 years


Ceramic Coating

  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Applied to the entire vehicle exterior
  • Enhances vehicle aesthetic
  • Lasts up to 5 years

Installation times vary based on the size of the vehicle and the package you choose. At Calgary PPF, we complete most PPF installations on the same day. Our process includes preparing and cleaning the vehicle, cutting the PPF to fit the specific areas, applying the film, and allowing time for the film to settle and adhere properly. 

Pick-up and drop-off services can be arranged as requested. 

We offer a leading warranty for the installation of paint protection film. Our 10-year installation warranty combined with a 10+ year manufacturer warranty for the product itself means we have you covered for the entire lifespan of your PPF coating. 

Yes, PPF can be removed. However, we recommend visiting a trusted dealer or professional to handle the removal process. Removing at the proper angle and applying heat or steam as necessary is essential to the removal process. In some cases, some reside may be left behind by the film, but it can be easily removed using a gentle adhesive remover. If the paint was in good condition prior to the initial installation, it will remain undamaged after the removal. Paint that was already chipped or compromised may sustain some additional damage following the removal. 

PPF coatings typically last 5-10 years. Our products are backed by 7, 10 or 12 year product warranties. Some environmental factors and variables that may affect the longevity of the product include cleaning products used, road treatment chemicals, severe weather, etc. 

LLumar | 3M Protective Film Installation Options

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