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Shield Your Vehicle With Automotive Undercoating

For a quieter ride, 3M Rubberized Undercoating helps insulate the vehicle cabin from noise, including road, engine, and wind noises. When soundproofing an automobile, consider your situation’s most common noise source. Cars of all makes, models, and price ranges will benefit from noise-reduction soundproofing. 3M Rustproofing, injected at high pressure inside all your body panels, helps keep your paint looking good for the long haul.

Prevent Corrosion

3M Vehicle Undercoating in Calgary and Rustproofing products can help prevent rusting and corrosion of the undercarriage and painted body panels, helping your vehicle look good for the long haul.

Cost Saving

3M Undercoating and Rustproofing purchased at Calgary PPF is substantially cheaper than what you pay at the dealership and more accurately reflects true market value for real American 3M products.

Quick Turnover

3M Undercoating and Rustproofing can be installed in under a day for just about any vehicle. Call us to book your appointment today!

Genuine 3M Durability

Unlike the overpriced, unknown brands often installed at dealerships, at Calgary PPF, you can access genuine 3M products produced in America from the world's biggest chemical manufacturer.

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3M Undercoating is super durable, long lasting and reliable. 3M technology prevents rust and corrosion of the vehicle undercarriage while reducing noise volume. VIEW MORE


3M Rust Proofing, from the world famous 3M R&D Program, protects your vehicle panels and wheel wells from rusting better than any other coating on the market today. VIEW MORE

Protect the Underside of Your Vehicle From Corrosion

3M™ Rubberized Undercoating helps protect the undercarriage of cars, trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles from corrosion and abrasion. The coating may also be used to safeguard wheel wells, quarter panels, the interior side of fenders, door skins, the underside of the hood and trunk lid, floor pans, and more. The rubberized undercoating also helps deaden noise, allowing for a more pleasant and quiet ride. The spray goes on as a textured black finish that resists chipping, abrasion, exterior rusting, and weathering. It provides one-coat build-up with no dripping, running, or sagging.

Protecting your vehicle with an application of rubberized vehicle undercoating is advised for long-term protection of the undercarriage. Rubberized undercoating creates a protective barrier that seals out grit, grime and moisture that could otherwise corrode the metal components. This extra protection is a low-cost measure that can pay off by extending a vehicle’s service life.

Defeat Rust With Our Effortless Application System

It’s easy to put the corrosion-resistant chemistry of 3M™ Rust Preventer Spray to work in hard-to-reach locations. An application wand allows us to spray our rust protector anywhere there is an access point to interior spaces. A 360-degree spray pattern helps provide full, uniform coverage to maximize protection.


  • Help stop rust before it starts to keep your car looking better for longer
  • Use on internal auto body panels and frames
  • Unique chemistry fights rust-forming agents like water and salt
  • 360-degree spray pattern provides full, uniform coverage

How Rusting Typically Starts

Moisture gets inside a panel, creating the perfect condition for developing rust. To the typical car owner, the unknown problem is out of sight and out of mind until the day the rust works its way out to the vehicle’s exterior. But by that time, the rust has spread, requiring extensive auto body repair.

3M Rust Proofing Keeps Your Vehicle Looking New at Calgary PPF

There's no doubt about it. Rust on your vehicle is a major eye sore and lowers its value. That's why you want to protect it today with 3M™ Rust Preventer Spray. A small investment in car rust undercoating today can benefit you tomorrow.

Protect Your Vehicle from Rust Before It Starts

Don't leave your vehicle vulnerable to the damaging effects of rust. 3M™ Rust Preventer Spray offers a simple yet effective way to add a layer of protection against rust before it starts. Better yet, our rust preventer works in concealed spots that you can't see but where rust often starts.

Using Science to Prevent Rust

3M applied principles of science to develop a product that retards the chemical process of rusting. Next, we packaged our rust preventer in a way that makes it easier to deliver the product where it is needed most. It's all part of the 3M mission to make automotive rust a problem of the past. 3M™ Rust Preventer Spray is applied to the interior hollows of any and all body panels on your vehicle and features a unique corrosion resistant chemistry that works to help stop rust before it starts. With 3M™ Rust Preventer Spray you can have peace of mind that it’s working to protect and preserve your vehicle from rust.

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