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Invisible Protection

The 3M brand is long known for quality and durability. Now it's affordable!

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Calgary PPF has the best prices in Calgary for vehicle protection and window tinting.

3M Canada Certified

Certified and endorsed by 3M Canada to install only genuine 3M premium products.

5 Year Warranty

3M Original Film and SLP Window Tint come complete with a limited 5 year warranty!

Vehicle Protection Film

Our discounted 3M & LLumar Vehicle Protection packages showcase the original Paint Protection Film by 3M, which has safeguarded vehicles from rock chips, scratches, and abrasions for 20 years and continues to excel. Each package includes a Limited 5-Year Warranty. Explore our packages today for unrivalled 3M paint protection film in Calgary today!

LLUMAR | 3M Paint Protection


Window Tint - Discontinued

3M FX window tint is an affordable way to give your vehicle privacy and a sleek new look. Available in three different shades, you can choose Limo 5%, 20%, and 35%. Each 3M FX Tint Package comes complete with a Limited 5 Year Warranty. To learn more about reliable window tints and 3M paint protection film in Calgary, contact us today!

Affordable Window Tint and Paint in Calgary

So you’re on a budget? That doesn’t mean you can’t protect your vehicle from everything Alberta roads will throw at it! Our affordable 3M Paint Protection and SLP Window Tinting packages are priced low enough to protect and enhance even pre-owned and entry level vehicles. Maintain the look and feel of your vehicle with budget packages from Calgary PPF. Just because it’s affordable does not mean it’s cheap!

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