Window Tinting Calgary

UV Protection With LLumar Window Tinting in Calgary

Calgary PPF offers multiple window tinting options from Limo Black to invisible UV rejection. Automotive window tinting film is an affordable way to give your vehicle a sleek new look and extra privacy for your family. At Calgary PPF, our team has been installing high quality window tinting films at competitive prices for more than 15 years.

Added Protection

Protect your eyes and the interior of your car from harmful UV rays. Even your seat covers and dashboard will thank you.


Give your car the style and protection that it deserves at a price that you deserve. Quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

Extra Privacy

Protect your radio and possessions while preserving your privacy. You're one tint job away from separating yourself from the outside world.

Sleek New Look

Auto tinting is the easiest way to kick up the style of any vehicle. From small cars to monster trucks, we tint them all.

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Our Auto Tint Packages


We Offer Multiple Calgary Window Tint Packages

Calgary PPF has installed high-quality window films at competitive prices for over 15 years. With us, you can opt for the convenience of home installation or visit one of our two locations around Calgary. Don’t want to wait around? Schedule your installation today and experience our efficient service firsthand!

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Experience unrivalled protection and performance for your vehicle with Calgary PPF. Contact us now to unlock the ultimate defence for your ride!