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Wrapping and Protecting Teslas in Calgary With 3M and LLumar

Since Tesla Motors entered the Calgary market, Calgary PPF has specialized in protecting and augmenting the Model S, Model X, and the soon to be Model 3 and Roadster. After wrapping and tinting hundreds of sensitive Tesla electric vehicles, our technicians have developed methods of wrapping around Tesla’s sensitive radar areas. Our windshield protection films cover the entire Model X windshield without any seams. With only limited factory options for colour and style, Calgary PPF can now convert any Tesla element to any colour or pattern.

Transform Your Tesla

  • Colour or Pattern
  • Chrome Delete
  • Matte Finish
  • Plasti-dipping Emblems
  • 3M Pro Series – Paint Protection Film
  • Window Tinting
  • Windshield and Sunroof
  • Protection Film
  • Rust-Proofing
  • Headlight Tinting
  • Taillight Tinting

Invisible Protection

Tesla protective film from 3M and LLumar keeps your car's exterior shiny and clean without standing out.

Cost Savings

Paying for small scuffs, scratches and abrasions is unnecessary. Protect your paint today to save tomorrow.

High Performance

3M protective film is designed to withstand daily use, even when you're cruising the roughest back roads.

Self Healing

What happens when your car is struck by a rock or collects salt in the winter? With 3M and LLumar, your Tesla fixes itself.

Llumar paint protection film Calgary

LLUMAR | 3M Paint Protection


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Tesla 3M & LLumar Paint Protection Film Installation Services

The application of a full Tesla 3M Paint Protection Film wrap is key to keeping your new Tesla in pristine condition. When you allow the professionals at Calgary PPF to apply your 3M or LLumar car wrap, our detail-oriented, experienced professionals will put your mind at ease. We can even come to your location and complete the application at your convenience with no mess.

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Are you ready to protect your vehicle from damage that can occur at any moment? Contact us today to discuss the best PPF application for all of your cars and trucks. We work on your schedule.