Frequently Asked Questions

The original purchaser of Calgary PPF services is covered by this warranty. This warranty is not transferable.

This limited warranty is valid from the date of substantial completion of installation up to 10 years.

The installation is warranted that it was installed under industry standards and the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Any fault of the installer or defect in the film product itself, such as peeling (not due to customer damage), bubbles that do not go away (not due to customer damage), yellowing or pulling back of the film or adhesive (not due to customer damage).

General Wear and Tear: damages caused by flying rocks and debris will naturally have a wear and tear effect on the film. These films are designed to take this abuse so your vehicle’s painted surfaces do not. After time, this wear will become more and more evident. This is not warranty. These films however, are very resilient and stand up well for years.


Customer Damage: Pressure washer accidents, buffer accidents, damage from strong solvents, manually peeling up film and manually scratching the film are not covered under warranty.


Damage to Your Vehicle From Flying Rocks and Debris: Warranty in no way covers any portion of the customer’s vehicle itself. These films are resilient, but not invincible. Any flying projectile over a certain velocity may puncture the film, the vehicle’s paint or glass surfaces. These are not warranty.


Other Parties: Any damage to the film caused by third parties such as auto body shops, service shops, etc.