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Calgary PPF is your one-stop shop for vehicle wrap installations of all kinds in Calgary. Whether you’re seeking customized vinyl wraps to express your style or eye-catching vehicle graphics to elevate your brand presence, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs. Explore the various purposes behind car wrapping and trust Calgary PPF to bring them to life with expertise and flair today!

Boost Resale Value

Keep your paint in the same condition as the day it was wrapped. Add to the resale value by having flawless paint on your car.

Cost Saving

The cost for custom car wrap in Calgary is considerably less than a comparable paint job and doesn't void any warranties like a paint job might.

Eco Friendly

3M vehicle wraps are a superior product line that makes your vehicle vinyl film pop while prioritizing environmental sustainability throughout the manufacturing process

UV Safety

Vinyl wrap protects your car’s paint from harmful UV rays released by the sun, leaving the original colour flawless and unfaded.

Different Types for Different Use

Calgary PPF is your one-stop shop for all kinds of car wrapping in Calgary. From 3M Paint Protection Car Wraps and vehicle customization wraps to 3M’s Vinyl 1080 series and printed graphic corporate vehicle wraps, our team has the experience needed to provide offerings that will make your brand stand out. 

3M Paint Protection Film

The most popular type of vehicle wrap in Calgary is 3M Paint Protection Film. This car wrap exploded on the scene in the early 2000s but dates all the way back to the Vietnam War, when the United States Military tasked 3M to create a protective film in their aerospace division. This film was so durable that it eventually found its way onto new vehicles in Calgary, Alberta, where rock chips are ubiquitous and pose a persistent challenge for new car buyers. 3M’s Vehicle Wrap films are so durable that they spurned a whole industry that is still driving innovation today. Self-healing car wraps and matte and satin options have even allowed a degree of customization using these protective wraps..

Printed and Laminated Vehicle Wraps

Printed and Laminated Graphic Corporate Vehicle Wraps are a mainstay in Calgary when it comes to company branding. From staff vehicles to delivery trucks and even home-based businesses, these Graphic Vehicle Wraps can save you a ton of money on advertising costs as they are a one-time purchase.

Renting a billboard can cost upwards of $10,000 per month. So why not drive your own billboard around every day with a Printed Graphic Vehicle Wrap from Calgary PPF? Designed and printed in high resolution with beautiful colours, your brand will be rendered in true 3M beauty, wrapped onto any car, truck or van and laminated to make it last for years to come.

Vinyl Car Wraps

Explore the possibilities of vehicle customization with vinyl car wraps from the 3M Vinyl 2080 Series, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're envisioning carbon fibre tail fins, chromed-out mirrors, or camo patterns in green or black, the options are truly exhilarating. Additionally, you can experience the mesmerizing effect of colour-flip vehicle wraps that transcend conventional aesthetics, granting your car a multidimensional allure.

Chrome deletes are also especially popular in Calgary for vehicle wrapping, effortlessly transforming the gleaming chrome elements of your car into a sophisticated, dark finish with 3 M's 1080 Series Satin Black vinyl wrapping film. This product provides a seamless enhancement to your car, from the side mirrors to the front grills. Elevate your driving experience further by extending the transformation to the vehicle's interior, where over 100 distinct colours, patterns, and textures await, ensuring an appearance tailored to your preferences.

We Offer Different Vehicle Wrap Packages in Calgary for Your Needs

3M is the market leader in producing the most durable vehicle wrapping materials. Their world-famous Paint Protection Film (Pro Series Gen 4) is the industry standard for vehicle wraps meant to protect paint and other surfaces from rocks, abrasions, shopping carts, you name it! If you just purchased a nice new ride, you can keep it looking brand new with this innovative technology exclusively at Calgary PPF.


3M Vinyl 1080 Vehicle Wraps are also available in over 100 different patterns and colours to wrap your car or truck for a completely new look. Wrap your whole vehicle in one of these patterns, or just customize smaller areas of it for accents. The world is your oyster when it comes to our 3M vinyl car and truck wraps from carbon fibres, and chromes to shadows, satins and mattes. 3M has everything you could imagine and more!

Warranty on Your Vehicle Wraps in Calgary

Calgary PPF proudly offers vehicle wraps backed by the combined warranty support of Calgary PPF and 3M Canada, providing transferable North America-wide warranties. With 3M Canada’s Service Agreement, you’re covered for body damage repairs up to $3500, exclusively available for 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film through Calgary PPF. Rest assured, 3M’s vehicle wraps are crafted in the world’s most sophisticated facilities and developed by the industry’s leading research and development program for chemicals and adhesives. Renowned for their durability, 3M materials are unmatched in strength, making them ideal for withstanding Calgary’s diverse weather conditions. Don’t wait – trust our experts for wrapping vehicles and get your quote today!

3M North America
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