Installing a protective film on the car body

How to Protect Your Car Paint in Winter

When you have a beautiful vehicle, protecting it becomes a serious priority. More than that, it almost becomes a duty. A duty to your prestige and style, of course, but also a duty to the manufacturer of the automobile. Protecting their hard work and ensuring your vehicle looks like it just came off the lot is rewarding and enjoyable.

Plus, there are lots of ways to protect your car. Specialty cleaning products, seat covers, after-market modifications for durability and much more are available to make the most out of your vehicle. Among these excellent offerings is an established and fantastic protection product, namely, paint protection film

Why are we talking about paint protection film and protecting your vehicle? Because we are currently in the midst of the most dangerous season for vehicles; the winter months. During these months, salt, rocks and other road debris become numerous and can cause significant damage to your vehicle just driving around.

Specialist pasting car with vinyl film

Though, it isn’t only the flying debris that poses a threat. No, there is also the road itself. When roads get icy, they get slippery. This can increase the likelihood of your vehicle skidding or sliding, which may lead to disastrous consequences and body damage. With all of these hazards potentially affecting your vehicle, it begins to make sense why so many car protection products exist. 

Isn’t Paint Protection Film Just for the Hood of Vehicles?

This is a common misconception with the paint protection film. Sure, it acts as a durable and steadfast defence on the hoods of vehicles, but there are many other places on the exterior of your vehicle where it may provide protection—for example, the accents and edges of your doors. With the right application of paint protection film in these locations, those stubborn chips and localized rust spots can become a thing of the past. 

In fact, you can cover the entire front portion of your vehicle in a protective film. If you have a custom paint job or just care about your vehicle, this can be the best option available. For a full list of your options, contact us today!

There can be shortcuts when it comes to protecting your vehicle and ensuring you have the right defence for all scenarios. This is especially true in the winter months when potential hazards skyrocket and your vehicle is most at risk of developing exterior damage. 

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