3M Paint Protection Film Costs in Calgary

One of the best ways for you to protect your vehicle is through the application of a 3M paint protection film. The original use of these films was protection for helicopter rotors. The military had issues with debris and small objects damaging their helicopters and asked 3M to find a solution. Thus, the film we know was born, and it has become a commercial success. 

Now, several companies have different versions of the original product, and even 3M has different versions. For example, a less well-known version of the product is available in custom cuts for bicycle frames. This product helps prevent the same damage that pilots face for bicyclists, which is a great boon overall. 

The cost of a 3M paint protection film is a variable one. There are several aspects that you must take into account when purchasing this product. These aspects include the size of your application, the type of film you apply, and the vehicle you are installing the product on.

The Cost Aspects of 3M Paint Protection Film


The Size of Application

The size of the application will play the largest role in the price. Some people prefer to protect only the highest risk areas, such as the lip of the hood, fenders and side mirrors. However, there are people who recognize the full value of this product and apply it over every exterior surface of their vehicle. 

As a result, the size of the application can vary the cost from $429 to $4,799. Overall, you will have to decide what you consider the best value, and choose a level of coverage that reflects that decision.

The Type of Film

The type of film will also play a role in the cost. Unfortunately, there are indeed inferior versions of the product available at unauthorized dealers. These may look less expensive at first, but when you have to reapply them or replace them frequently, the overall cost may not vary overmuch. 

The Vehicle

The vehicle will also play a part in determining the cost. For example, pickup trucks simply have more areas to cover, and the price will be higher as a result. Similarly, the complexity of a vehicle’s exterior can play a role. The electric vehicle brand Tesla is a good example of this. Their cars have a multitude of sensors that you must consider during the film installation, and the price for paint protection film is higher to compensate.

Find Your 3M Paint Protection Film

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