How to Protect your Window Tint in Winter

How to Protect your Window Tint in Winter

How to protect your window tint Calgary in winter

Getting a new window tint installed on a vehicle takes time and money, and the last thing any car owner wants is to have their newly installed tint ruined by external factors. Although it may seem that inflicted damages can be inevitable when your car and tint are left to endure the harsh Canadian winters, there are several ways to protect your vehicle. Winter’s extremities don’t have to cause harm to your windshield and window tint Calgary that will cost you more money than you bargained for. 

Here are some suggestions to consider that will help you protect your vehicle’s windshield and tint before winter weather takes hold. 

Repair any damages 

Before winter begins, you should inspect your windshield and the other areas where your window tint has been installed. Any cracks or signs of damage can only exacerbate when winter storms begin to surface in your area, effectively causing costly damage to your windshield and ruining the tint that has been applied to your car. Instead of prolonging necessary repairs as winter approaches, get a professional to fix the visible flaws that have culminated on the windshield and tint. 

Install new windshield wipers

According to AMA Insurance Alberta, windshield wipers should be replaced every six months or when the seasons change to improve visibility and protect your window tint when you need it most. WIndshield wiper replacements are particularly crucial when they begin to wear and tear as the worn ends can begin to damage your windshield while providing insufficient visibility. When your wipers start to inflict damages, such as chips and scratches on the tint, these damages can quickly worsen when winter storms begin to flurry in. 

Windshield wipers
A windshield with frost on it

Purchase a high-quality scraper


When you use a low-quality scraper on your windows, it can inflict more damage and prove to be an insufficient method to garner more visibility during a winter storm. Using a low-quality windshield scraper will scratch both your windshield and the tint installed, and such damages will want to be avoided come wintertime. Because of this, purchasing a high-quality scraper is necessary to effectively remove anything obstructing your visibility to protect your window tint from scratches and tears. 

Maintain temperature

It is advised to maintain an even temperature to protect the glass and tint from deterioration. It is recommended not to utilize boiling water to thaw a freezing windshield as it can crack the windshield and completely ruin the tint installed. Instead, gently heat your car and then scrape off the ice when it begins to melt significantly. 

Keeping the glass clean

It’s always essential to keep the glass clean and gleaning, and it’s just as important to keep your window tint and windshields consistently cleaned during winter. To avoid potential scratches and damages and improve visibility during winter storms, keep your windshield and tint as clean as often as possible.

Be sure to know how to carefully and successfully maintain your window tint Calgary during the blistering winter months. 

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