What is 3M Paint Protection Film?

Have you heard of paint protection film and wondered what all the fuss is about? What is it and is it really as good as it sounds? Get ready to protect your vehicle’s exterior by learning about 3M paint protection film Calgary.

3M Paint Protection Film Offers High-Performance Protection

Paint protection film is just what it sounds like: a protective film that covers your car to preserve the paint. Made up of a thin layer of polyurethane, 3M paint protection film minimizes damage from the sun, flying rocks, chemicals, scratches, and other hazards of the road. It has an amazing self-healing ability, so small scratches disappear from the film.

Crystal Clear SunTek Paint Protection Film

Protecting your paint with a product that looks awful is pointless, but SunTek paint protection film is crystal clear once it’s on your vehicle. Thanks to advances in the adhesive used for applying the film, premature discoloration from sun exposure is now a thing of the past. The protective film retains transparency, providing clear protection for years.

XPEL Paint Protection Film is Long Lasting

Another benefit of XPEL paint protection film is that it lasts a long time. Most films have warranties between seven and ten years after installation. Taking care of the exterior once the film has been applied may help it last even longer than the warranty.

Which 3M Paint Protection Film Calgary Should You Choose?

There are three main types of film: 3M paint protection film, SunTek paint protection film, and XPEL paint protection film. All three of these provide the excellent protection, crystal clear shine, and longevity discussed above. Talk to a technician about which one is the best for your vehicle.

Is 3M paint protection film Calgary worth the hype? Many people think so. Find out for yourself by protecting your vehicle.

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