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What Damage Can Your Windshield Protection Film Prevent?

Calgary is famous for being hard on vehicles. From snow and ice in the winter to hail in the spring and flying rocks all year round, it’s important to take the proper steps to protect your vehicle from damages caused by everyday driving.

Windshield Protection Film Prevents Rock Chips

The most common vehicle damage in Calgary is rock chips on the windshield. When you opt for a professional installation of exo-shield windshield protection film, you can prevent those annoying dents. Rock chips can spread into cracks that span the entire width of your windshield. Not only can you be fined for a cracked windshield but when the damage is in your line of sight, it could obstruct your vision and cause you to get in an accident.

Windshield Protection Film Prevents Hail Damage

Have you ever seen what a severe hail storm can do to a car? Clearplex window protection film is the best way to protect your vehicle from such a calamity. Not only does it provide added strength and durability, but it can also add a shatter-resistant quality to your windshield.

Windshield Protection Film Provides Protection From UV Rays

3M window tinting in Calgary is a great way to protect against harmful UV rays, but a windshield protection film is another option; in fact, it can block against 99.9% of harmful ultra-violet radiation. Protect yourself and all the passengers in your vehicle by installing a protective film.

Other Benefits of Window Protection Film

Replacing your windshield is a costly job. Protective films for your windshield can prevent the need for an expensive replacement with glass that is 6 times less likely to break. Also, unlike window tinting, exo-shield coverage is transparent so you can enjoy optimal clarity. Finally, exo-shield film is eco-friendly; make the best choice for your vehicle and the environment. You may even choose to pair the treatment with a paint protection film package.

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