Benefits Of Vinyl & 3M Car Wraps

Benefits Of Vinyl & 3M Car Wraps

A lot of people think that getting paint protection film in Calgary is the only option to protect their car. But these people forget the value that comes with vinyl and 3M car wraps. The benefits are there for all to see…

  • Vinyl & 3M Car Wrap Will Protect Your Original Paintwork
    Perhaps the most beneficial reason to get a car wrap on your vehicle is that your original paintwork will be protected. Any scratches or marks will happen on the wrap, not on your car. It adds another layer of protection, and is cheaper than a auto paint protection film job.
  • Quality Car Wraps Add To The Resale Value Of Your Car
    The value of your car will increase if you have a car wrap, regardless if you keep it on or not. If you remove the wrap from your vehicle, the paint will look as good as the day it was professionally wrapped. It will ensure that the resale value of your car increases because of the perfect paint job. At the same time, keeping it on means the vehicle has an extra layer of protection, so you can charge a little more for it.
  • Huge Selection Available At Your Discretion
    Firstly, there are an array of colors that you can choose from when it comes to your vinyl and 3M car wraps. But that is not the exciting stuff. There are different types of finishes, including glossy (which adds a sparkle), satin (silky smooth) and matte (a dry color), that can work with your color choice. You can also get it customized with images, photos and logos (which is great for business vehicles).
  • 100% Removable & Interchangeable
    So you want to swap your glossy finish to matte one? Well, you can do it. You can easily get your current car wrap removed, and then have another car wrap layered on your vehicle. Or you can restore your car to its original color by just removing the wrap. It is as easy as you want it.

Get Your Car Wrapped By A Professional Today

Do not miss the opportunity to give your car the protection it needs. Vinyl and 3M car wraps can do wonders for your vehicle in the long term. Book your appointment today with your paint protection film service in Calgary to get your car wrapped.

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