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The Pros and Cons of a 3M Car Wrap

What is a 3M Car Wrap?

Before attempting to understand the pros and cons of 3M vinyl car wraps, it’s important to know what a car wrap is and does. Essentially, they are installed as a means of protecting your vehicle, or in some case, changing the look of your car. Car wraps are a lot more common than you may think, but because the protective film is often clear, you may not be able to recognize when a car has been wrapped.


3M Car Wraps are Customizable

When you visit a body shop or an auto shop that caters to paint protection film, you will be introduced to a number of options. Everything from the colour to the texture and finish is up to you. If you’ve always wanted a hot pink car, this is your chance. You can even complete the look with premium window tinting services.

3M Car Wraps are Cheaper than Paint

Of course, a new coat of paint is just as customizable as a 3M car wrap, but it costs much more. If your goal is to change the appearance of your vehicle completely, vinyl wrapping is the more cost-efficient option.

3M Car Wraps are Removable

One of the best things about vinyl car wraps is the ability you have to change it up when necessary. If you decide that hot pink isn’t for you after all, paint protection film technicians in Calgary can remove the wrap and replace it with a different colour or a transparent film.

3M Car Wraps Protect Your Paint

The most significant benefit of car wrapping is that it protects your paint. A 3M paint protection film is designed to preserve your vehicle from scratches, chips, and dings. If you ever plan to sell your car, paint protection film will allow you to sell the car in pristine condition.


Paint Protection film and 3M car wrapping are great options to customize and protect your vehicle, but there are some cons. When it comes to anything related to servicing your vehicle, you get what you pay for. Some installers are more skilled and experienced than others, and some car wraps provide better protection than the alternatives. If you’re considering a vinyl wrap for your car, always go with 3M. It’s also important that you have a professional install your vinyl wrap. It’s a tricky process, and without the right experience, you could end up damaging the wrap or the vehicle itself.

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