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Should I Apply A Ceramic Car Coating Myself?

Ceramic coatings are gaining popularity as car owners come to appreciate their value. Conventional paint sealants or car waxes help protect a vehicle’s paint, but a coating provides superior protection that lasts longer. If you’re considering paint protection film or window tinting, perhaps you’re wondering if you can apply it yourself.

Applying a Ceramic Car Coating

The application process for Calgary car coating involves a few straightforward steps. You begin by thoroughly rinsing the paint to remove every fragment of dirt and grime. Anything left on the surface of the vehicle can undermine the performance of paint protection film and may scratch your car. Next comes a chemical decontamination followed by a second decontamination to remove any remaining contaminants. After these steps, it’s time to polish the paint to a near-perfect finish. You’ll need to perform an IPA wipe before finally applying the ceramic car coating. Work quickly and carefully, so the coating doesn’t dry too long.

Once the application is complete, keep the vehicle somewhere cool and dry for 12 to 24 hours to cure the ceramic car coating. The paint must not come into contact with water during this time.

Precise Paint Protection Film

As you can see, the application process isn’t overly complicated, but it is very precise. At each step, it’s important to work carefully and do a thorough job. Any contaminants or debris can get embedded in the coating and mar the surface of the vehicle, while errors during application or curing can cause defects as well; since the coating is semi-permanent, these imperfections seal in place.

Can You Apply Calgary Car Coating Yourself?

Yes, it’s possible to apply window tinting and ceramic coating yourself. However, it’s best to trust the professionals with the job so you can get the best results possible that will help keep your vehicle looking great.

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