What to Expect From Paint Protection Installation

Applying a protective film to your vehicle is no easy task; it takes skill and precision to make the final result stunning. Here’s a look at what you can expect from paint protection film installation.

Meticulous Cleaning Prior to 3M Car Wrap Application

Before applying any sort of 3M car wrap or window tinting Calgary to a car, the vehicle must be spotless. All vehicles go through a meticulous cleaning process, even those straight from the dealership. Any residue, particles, or blemishes will show if left on the paint.

Application of Calgary Paint Protection Film

Once the car is immaculate and dry, it’s time to apply Calgary paint protection film. The technicians spray a film solution over the area to begin. This solution has two purposes: it protects the film during installation and allows slip so the film can be moved into position. The film is carefully applied with clean hands and wet fingers so as not to leave fingerprints behind.

Paint Protection Film Gets Squeegeed into Place

The 3M car wrap is carefully positioned on the vehicle, and then a squeegee is used to remove the moisture and work the film into its permanent position and shape. When the paint protection film is in place, the squeegee is used to remove air bubbles by applying gentle pressure from the middle outward.

Heat Sets the Film’s Memory

Protective films will return to their original shape; this is called memory. Technicians apply heat to the installed Calgary paint protection film to reset the memory so that the film stays in its new form. Failing to do this properly causes peeling and lifting.

From window tinting Calgary to full wraps, installing protective film takes time, training, and attention to detail. In the end, you’ll have a barrier protecting your vehicle’s paint, so it looks great.

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