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Myths Of Window Tinting In Calgary Debunked!

Just like you might think there are no benefits to getting paint protection film in winter, window tints have an array of myths about them too. And it is these misconceptions that deter people from investing in them, despite the fact they could be wrong. It is time to break down these myths and give you the full truth about window tinting in Calgary

Myth 1 – There is no benefit to getting it for my car 

There is this belief that window tinting in Calgary is all about the cosmetic appeal, and there is nothing else to it. Well, that’s not true. In fact, there are many benefits that come with installing window tints in your vehicle, including:

  • That the films that block more than 99% of UV rays, protecting you and your car’s interior.
  • The window blocks solar glare and reduces the need for squinting while driving. 
  • It adds a layer of protection for your vehicle and reduces break-in attempts and;
  • The window tint reduces the amount of heat that builds in your car. 

As you can see, there are more benefits to getting a window tint – especially a 3M window tint – than merely looking stylish and cool. 

Myth 2 – It will make my vision too dark to see 

All window tints come in an array of colors and shades that can work with each driver’s individual needs. But that doesn’t mean that it will impair your vision while driving. Even the darkest tints can be seen through. In many cases, it is like wearing sunglasses – you will get some shade, but it won’t make it too dark to see. In fact, as we mentioned above, it will actually reduce any glare, making it easier to drive. 

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Myth 3 – It will also its effectiveness over time. 

Such is the technological advancements that window films are now more durable and vibrant than ever before. Take, for example, 3M window tint. It is considered the most robust and longest-lasting window tint in the market, ensuring that you can have it on your vehicle for years without any issues. More so, when you go to a paint protection film provider to get your windows tinted, you can get a warranty, meaning your vehicle is protected for as long as you use it.

Myth 4 – Window tints are too expensive 

Back in the day, that might have been the case, but not anymore. Nowadays, as the benefits of window tinting in Calgary have become widely known, the prices for these tints have reduced in price. Modern window films last for decades, come with warranties, can be easily removed and replaced with a new film, highlighting the value that comes with it. Just make sure you go to a trusted professional that offers you a decent rate. Super cheap window tints are not the best investment. 

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