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How To Protect Your Windshield & Window Tinting In Winter

Your vehicle is going to go through a lot during the winter months. From your engine to your wheels, you have to take extra precautions so that your car remains in peak condition and is safe to drive. 

Part of protecting your vehicle in winter is to look after your windshield and window tinting in Calgary. Here is how you can go about protecting both during winter.

5 Ways To Protect Your Windshield & Window Tinting in Calgary During Winter

1.Replace Any Dangers Immediately

A small little rock chip is enough to develop into a full-on crack as winter goes along. If you have any chips in your windshield, make sure that you get it repaired as soon as possible. If your window tinting film is damaged, take it to your window tinting expert to get it replaced. 

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2.Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

You should never mix extreme hot and cold on your windshield. Doing so can lead to your windshield cracking and damaging to the point that you need a replacement. So if your windshield is covered by ice, don’t throw boiling water on it to defrost it quicker. The best way to go about this is to let your car heat up and have the defrosters on, before scrapping off the ice when it is softer. 

3.Keep Your Glass Clean

Just as you would keep your paint protection film clean, the same goes for your window tinting and windshields. Windshield wipers have to work twice as hard to clean a dirty windshield, meaning double the chance that it scratches the glass too. Keep it as clean as possible. 

4.Replace Old Wiper Blades

Worn out wiper blades can end up scratching and severely damaging your windshield. Make sure that you replace your old wiper blades as soon as possible, so you don’t damage your window tint. 

5.Buy A High-Quality Ice Scraper To Remove Ice 

Don’t settle on cheap ice scrapers for your vehicle, as they tend to do more damage than expected. Invest a few dollars more and get an ice scraper that effectively takes off the ice, and doesn’t scratch or chip the window tinting.

These tips should help you avoid any damage on your windshield and protects your window tinting. If you suspect that a crack is happening or that your window tint is starting to suffer, take it to your best window tinting expert in Calgary for repairs. 

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