3M Ceramic Coating Package – Full Package



    • Full body paint correction
    • Four Base Coats
    • Finishing Top Coat
    • All Surfaces Including Windows & Wheels
    • See 3M Spec Sheet


Coating Features:

  • 3M Ceramic Coating Series. Part # 39901.
  • Lifetime Application
  • Unparalleled Hardness
  • Super Hydrophobia
  • Lifetime Warranty


Comparable to:

  • Ceramic Pro
  • Opti Coat
  • G-Techniq
  • Carpro C-Quartz

Ceramic Coating3M Ceramic Coating



3M Ceramic Coating Package


3M Ceramic Coating is designed as one formula for use on paint, glass, PPF, vinyl, wheels and plastic trim, and last for years with scheduled annual maintenance.  3M’s unique single formula simplifies the coating process and features a 4 hour fast cure time with no special equipment.  3M Ceramic Coating has 100% active ingredients with no carrier solvents, making it a low VOC solution.  Our ceramic coating is durable against road salts, acid rain & environmental contaminants.  It provides for easier care & maintenance as the slick finish allows for easier removal of dirt and debris and it enriches paint gloss & shine.  The coating seals in and helps maintain the “wet look” of a new polish and has an excellent water beading effect that is durable.

3M Ceramic Coatings are super durable Silicon Dioxide comparable to brands like Opti-Coat, Ceramic Pro and Liquid Armour.

Ceramic vehicle coatings, or Nano coatings are quickly becoming all the rage in Calgary’s automotive aftermarket. They represent the newest technology in paint sealant and paint surface protection.

Ceramic coatings are very different than PPF (Paint Protection Film), as they do not protect your vehicles surface from rock chips or road abrasions. They are simply intended to prevent oxidation or corrosion on the painted surfaces and keep your paint looking good for much longer.

A nonmetallic, inorganic coating made of sprayed aluminum oxide or of zirconium oxide, or a cemented coating of an intermetallic compound, such as aluminum disilicide, of essentially crystalline nature, applied as a protective film for temperatures above 1100°C.

Ceramic coatings also give your vehicle a superhydrophobic surface, helping to prevent adhesion of dirt and oxidation from the road.

Ceramic Nano coatings are applied much like a typical automotive wax where the entire vehicle’s surface is first cleaned with a claybar to remove anything that might prevent adhesion. After claybar, the vehicle is wiped down with a pure alcohol solution. After the surface is perfectly prepped, the ceramic coating is applied slowly, with pressure, with an applicator pad. After application is allowed to cure for a certain time, the product is buffed to a mirror finish.