Line-X Bed Liner + 3M Paint Protection Film


3M Pro Series – Silver Package

  • Full front bumper
  • 24″ Hood
  • Fender tips
  • Mirrors
  • Warrantied for 10 Years


Line-X 1/4″ Spray-in Bed Liner:

  • Warrantied for life
  • Super durable protection

10 year warranty Installation


3M Truck Accessories. 3M is the world’s number one manufacturer of durable, long lasting products to protect and customize your truck.

Protect your paint from scratches, rocks and abrasions with 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film. 3M Pro Series is the newest leading technology from 3M Canada. The surface of the film is built with a hydrophobic, self-healing top coat and is warrantied colour-stable for up to 10 years. The film is available in standard or matte variants.

Tint your windows with 3M’s high end window films to give your truck a sleek dark look, while also protecting your skin. Boasting a skin protection SPF of 1000, 3M has the highest functioning window films in the world.

Protect your truck bed with a super durable spray-in bed and box liner. Available in rubbery soft or super hard varieties depending on the nature of your work.


Additional information

Choose any shade of tint including:

5% – Limo Black, 18% – Heavy Dark, 20% – Dark, 35% – Medium, 70% – Light, 100% – Invisible UV rejection