Calgary PPF is committed to bringing transparency, fairness and equality to all its employees, customers and business partners without exception. As the automotive industry has a long reputation for dishonest, hostile business practices, driven by antiquated dealership hustling, or unfair, quote based pricing systems, Calgary PPF has based its business practices, policies and procedures on the following constitutional points:
  1. Everyone pays the same price without exception. There is no special pricing for any customer, be they individual or entity. All are treated equally. Pricing is entirely non-negotiable. Prices apply to all standard vehicle types including sedans, coupes, SUV, crossovers, minivans and pickup trucks. Calgary PPF does not service commercial vehicles, RV’s or passenger vans.
  2. Any promos or discounts apply equally to everyone and are always clearly marked on the shop page.
  3. There is no product ambiguity. All product specifications are clearly marked and delineated on the shop page and respective product pages. 
  4. No upsales. There are no commissioned sales staff of any kind, nor are our staff permitted to persuade or entice customers to spend more money than they intend to. All staff at Calgary PPF are on fixed salaries and not impacted in any way by sales.
  5. North America – Wide Warranty. All 3M and Line-X products are backed by specific warranties and claimable throughout North America at any genuine 3M or Line-X location through their respective certified warranty networks.
  6. Calgary PPF retains the right to turn away vehicles that our staff believe do not have a high probability of resulting in a good, long term outcome. Vehicles with poor paint condition, filthy interiors, or otherwise in too old or poor overall condition will be turned away if it is believed to present a liability or prevent a good long term outcome.

Why does Calgary PPF operate according to these rules?

The history of the automotive industry has been largely built around the dealership business model. These entities are separate from the manufactures who lend them their brands. These entities compete with each other within a single market, product against product.

For example, Ford dealership A is selling a 2020 F150 XLT and competing against Ford dealership B also for a 2020 F150 XLT.

Both dealerships get these vehicles from the manufacturer at the same price.

Intense pricing competition necessitated new ways for companies to make a profit margin.. on the back end. The hustle.

Sizing up customers differently, hiding charges in fine print, or forcing customers to buy aftermarket products to make the sale, the dealerships created systems which are not, nor have ever been in the best interest of their customers.

These practices slowly spilled out into the rest of the automotive industry, which also adopted the “quote”. Statistically, quote based systems have played to the disadvantage of women, minorities, or generally to people who otherwise had no experience. It created hostile companies, hostile staff, and even hostile customers. All working independently to beat the other parties and come out the victor.

Quote based systems have consistently been used to prey on the unsuspecting.

Contrast this with a company like Tesla, which has no dealerships and prices their vehicles direct to customer at fixed, non negotiable pricing. These electric vehicle manufacturers have recently come into the market shirking the entire dealership system in favour of fixed transparent pricing applied equally to everyone with non-commissioned staff.

It is these new initiatives that inspired the Calgary PPF Mission Statement and constitution. We believe the automotive industry must change, and is already changing.